Race Director, Mike Silverman Interviewed on Vermont Public Radio

 Ultra: Where A Marathon Is Just A Warmup

Listen in Mike starts at about 9 minutes in…

Mon, July 29 Noon and 7 PM  For some runners, completing a marathon is a lifetime goal. Then there are the ultramarathoners. Running 26.2 miles is just getting started for these people. They enter 50-mile and 100-mile events around the country. And even seek out longer races throughout the world.
We hear from ultramarathoner Jack Pilla on what it takes to train for, run and recover from these extreme events. And Mike Silverman, director of the Vermont 50 Ultra Run (or Mountain Bike), explains how you organize an event for 1,300 athletes crossing 70+ privately owned parcels of land.
Remember this is taped so don’t try to call in!