50 Mile Women’s 2-person Mountain Bike Relay

We want to encourage more women to compete, like these amazing women.vermont-50-mountain-bike-race-information

General Information

Race Day-Last Sunday in September
Race Day Start-Sunday 6 a.m.
Race Location: Ascutney Mountain
Registration, Meals, Start and Finish at Mount Ascutney, Brownsville, VT

Race Registration Opens 
May, 25 at 7 p.m. ET , last day to register is September 7 (the race usually sells out in minutes).

Entrants must pre-register online by September 7 at noon ET, or until the race sells out, which ever comes first.
Just pick up racer packets on Saturday of race weekend. 
We do not use a waiting list
There is NO Walk Up Registration
NO Registration on Race Day
NO Transferring or Deferring of Race Registrations.

All Race Registrations close on September 7 at 12 noon ET OR when all races have SOLD OUT.

Registration Information changes may be made until September 7 at noon. ET.

Fundraising Registration Option

If you commit to raise a minimum of $500 before September 7 at noon ET, you can avoid the race race registration rush on May 25th and will be entered into the race by the Race Director. You must contact the Race Director, Mike before May 25 at 7 p.m. if you’d like to choose this option.

NOTE: This race DOES NOT allow E-Bikes.

Race Bib Pick-UP

Saturday Bike Plaque Pickup: Pick up your bike plaque on Saturday, of race weekend, noon to 8:00 PM Participants must pick up their own plaques. Photo ID is required to pick up the plaques.
You will be given a plaque for your bike and a wrist band. The wrist band will be placed on your wrist at the time of pick-up-this is your meal ticket for Sunday BBQ.
Please be sure to give your bib number at the morning racers meeting and at the aid stations. If you drop out of the race you must let the aid station staff know because we will be keeping track of everyone!!


Race Parking (Directions to  Mount Ascutney

Please park at the base lodge (and other designated spots only.) Walk or bike to the race office-BIG TENT (look for signs).
Please use parking lots only for parking!!
To get to the Base Lodge when turning off Route 44 continue straight (do not take turn). The parking lot will be on your right. If you park on the grass you will be towed!

Other Race Information

Age of Participants: Mountain Bikers race age is as of 12/31 of race year.
Fee Includes: Breakfast Munchies, aid station food, Post Race Dinner, T shirt and festivities, and a few more surprises.
Refund Policy: Refunds will be permitted until August 31 at midnight ET. We offer a partial refund of $50.

Crew Vehicles On Course Must Display a Parking Permit

Participants may register ONE vehicle at the Information Table to “crew” them on course. This vehicle MUST display the “Permit” to allow them to park at the designated aid stations.
Relay Teams-one vehicle per team.
Please stay off the actual race course as much as possible.
You will be given Crew directions to designated Aid Stations at the Information Table.

Drop Bags

Drop bags will be measured and weighed at the Information table also. See Drop Bag 101
You may drop off, “shed” extra clothes you might have started out with in the morning at the aid stations, EXCEPT Garvin Hill and Cady Brook.
Please mark it beforehand with your name and bib number on a large piece of duct tape. We have tape and markers available.

Relay Team Information

Relay Team Members-ONLY one member may be ON COURSE at a time or your team will be DISQUALIFIED.

  • Rider One: 32 Miles from Start to Greenalls

The first rider will ride 32 miles of the course to the Greenall Aid Station
At Greenall’s the riders will have to transfer the bike plaque or chipped ankle bracelet to the second rider’s bike. The first rider will then return to the Start/Finish area by road, an approximate distance of 5.1 miles or get a ride from their registered Crew Vehicle that is displaying a parking permit.

  • Rider Two: 18 Miles from Greenalls to Finish

The second rider will be waiting, after coming to the Greenall Station by road from the Start/Finish area or by getting a ride from their registered Crew Vehicle that is displaying a parking permit.
The second rider will depart Greenall’s to complete the last 18 miles of the course to the Finish.

Both riders may bike the roads between Greenall’s and the Start/Finish (BUT NOT THE RACE COURSE) or get a ride from their crew member displaying a Crew Parking Permit.

Team members, your wristbands are your meal tickets on Sunday at the race finish.

Course Information

Course Description

Sunday Race Day

Pre-Race Racer Meeting: Traffic WILL be an issue, please plan ahead!

Racer Check IN Opens at 5 AM ~ All 50 mile racers must attend and give Bib # to check-in person. (50 mile racers only)

Racer Meeting: 5:30 AM SHARP for 50 mile

RACE WAVES-Print a Wave Sheet

If you start in a wave ahead of your designated wave/category/age group, your start time will be moved back to the wave time you were classified in and an additional 20 minutes will be added to your finishing time.
Your time starts when the chip in your Bib/Plaque crosses the timing mat.

Mountain Bike Categories
Novice – entry level or first time competitor.
Sport – intermediate competitor
Expert – very advanced competitor

Additional Mt. Bike Classes:
Clydesdale – Novice (min. weight 200 lbs)
Clydesdale – Sport (min. weight 200 lbs)
Womens Bike Relay
Over 60 Bike Relay

  • Mountain Bike Regulations

    1.0 Vermont 50 Mountain Bike Racing Regulations

    1.1 Racers shall complete the entire event, and complete it on the same bicycle upon which the event was begun. If a competitor changes bikes they may finish the event but are disqualified.

    1.2 All repairs during the event shall be performed by the individual racer. Participants who receive on-course assistance from fellow competitors will no longer be eligible for competitive consideration. No other outside help or assistance is permitted, and failure to comply will result in disqualification.

    1.3 All spare parts and tools shall be carried by the participants while on course. Cannibalizing other bikes or obtaining spare parts from a pit area or the like is not permitted. If a participant receives assistance with their bike they may finish the event but are no longer eligible for competitive consideration. This includes the assistance of the event-provided mechanics located at aid stations.

    1.4 Racers riding bikes have the right of way over racers walking bikes. When practical, racers walking bikes should stay on the least ride-able section of the course when being passed. A racer walking or carrying his/her bike can overtake a racer riding as long as they do not interfere with the other racer’s progress.

    1.5. It is the responsibility of the challenging rider or runner to overtake safely. One must yield to the passing rider or runner on the first command. You must warn the rider or runner that you are approaching them and state which side you are about to pass them on.

    1.6 In the event two racers are vying for position, the leading racer does not have to yield his/her position to the challenger. However, a racer may not bodily interfere, with the intent to impede another racer’s progress. Traditional rules of racing apply: the leading racer owns the track.

    1.7 Shortcutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks shall result in disqualification.

    1.8  If you get lost or leave the designated/marked course you must go back on your own to the spot where you went off course without assistance (e.g. car rides, etc.) and then continue.

    1.9 Unsportsmanlike behavior and/or the use of profane language are grounds for warning, relegation, disqualification or recommended suspension. The penalty imposed shall be determined by the race official or race director.

    1.10 All local laws, rules and ordinances shall be observed during the participation in this event. Failure to follow these laws, rules and ordinances shall result in disqualification. This includes following all rules pertaining to traveling on public roads – the course will at times traverse open, public roads and participants will encounter motor vehicle traffic not associated with the race. At no time will participants assume right-of-way unless so directed by course officials.

    1.11 A racer may be suspended from Vermont 50 for up to two years for damaging or destroying public and/or private property.

    1.12 The use of electronic music players, radio communication devices, cell phones, and similar items is prohibited for mounted riders at this event. No headphones or other devices that may prevent you from hearing cars, bikers, runners, etc. will be permitted while participating in this event. Failure to comply shall result in disqualification.

    1.13 No pre-race or post-race riding of any part of the course is allowed. Most of the course is located on private property and use is granted only for race day. Property owners generously grant the race use for this one day and do not want it used at other times. Failure to comply could result in disqualification or suspension from future races.

    2.0 Aid or contact with competitors on course

    2.1 The event will provide Official Aid Stations in addition to Crew Access Stations. Aid is allowed for both runners and bikes at these designated Aid Stations ONLY.  Aid Stations for Bikers with Crew access (displaying Official Race Parking Permits) are: Skunk Hollow, Greenall’s and Johnson’s. Designated parking areas of Crew Access Stations are considered acceptable areas for participants to receive aid.

    No crew access is allowed anywhere on the course except at these designated crew stations. The 50 mile committee asks in order to protect our community relationships that all support vehicles for runners and bikers stay off the course and that includes all public roads except the designated routes to the designated crew stations.

    2.1.1 Vehicles parked and not displaying official race parking permits on course or at designated aid stations are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

    2.2 Crew, family members or friends must be in a vehicle displaying the Official Race Parking Permit or the vehicle will not be allowed at the designated Official Access/Aid Station.

    2.2.1 Persons in a race designated “crew” vehicle (displaying an official race parking permit) shall obey all directions/instructions given by race parking volunteers, aid stations volunteers, race officials and law enforcement officers.

    2.3 No crew, family member or friend shall aid or have contact of any kind anywhere on the race course except at the designated crew access aid stations. Failure to comply shall result in disqualification.

    2.3.1 Crew, family member(s), or friend(s) who are found giving aid or having contact of any kind on course (except at the designated access/aid stations) will be given one warning by a race official. This race official shall notify Net Control and the  Race Timing Officials of the warning,  The next warning to that rider’s crew, family member(s) or friend(s) will result in the rider being disqualified. The warning shall apply collectively and cumulatively to persons associated with that rider.

    2.4 The Vermont 50 mile committee asks in order to protect our community relationships that all support vehicles for runners and bikers stay off the course and that includes all public roads except the designated routes to the designated crew stations. Failure to comply shall result in disqualification.

    2.5 As with any ride that traverses public roads, stay to the right, single file and obey all traffic laws. Public roads will be open during the event and participants will encounter motor vehicles not associated with the race. DO NOT assume right-of-way unless directed by race officials. Many of the dirt roads are narrow and cars should be given as much room to pass as possible.

    3.0 Race Waves

    3.1 If you start in a wave ahead of your designated wave/category/age group, your start time will be moved back to the wave time you were classified in and an additional 20 minutes will be added to your finishing time. Your time starts when the chip in your Bib/Plaque crosses the timing mat.

    3.1 The race cut off time for everyone is 6:30 p.m.

    3.2 There is a strict 12 hour limit for the race with 10 Aid Stations at ~ 5 mile intervals.  If any competitor arrives at an Aid Station after the posted closing time of the station, will be requested, urged strongly, and then TOLD to get in the van for free transportation back to the finish area at Ascutney Mountain Resort.

    4.0 Protests

    4.1 Protests can be made by any registered participant of the Vermont 50 mile. The participant shall file the protest in writing with the Race Director, or a race official if the RD is not available. The protest period is immediately following the race and up to 15 minutes following the posting of the complete results for his/her class.

    On-course protests registered with a race official must be reported to the nearest aid station radio operator, to be relayed to net control for recording the protest. Race official should communicate protests directly to radio operator, NOT aid station captains.

    4.2 The Vermont 50 Race Director will make the final decision regarding any occurrence during the event.

    4.3 All result inquires, including placement and class considerations, must be made at the venue during the protest period. Once the protest period in over, results become final.

    5.0 Equipment Requirements

    5.1 Every rider, while on bicycle at this event, shall wear a protective, securely fastened helmet meeting the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

    5.2 Footgear shall be fully enclosed.

    5.3 All bicycles shall have at least two brakes that are in good working order.

    5.4 Bar ends and handlebar extensions shall be plugged and shall not have any sharp or jagged edges.

    5.5 Eye protection is strongly recommended.

    5.6 The use of electric-powered or electric-assist bikes is strictly prohibited.

    6.0 Disclaimer

    The rules and regulations (collectively “rules”) contained on this handbook are intended solely to provide for the governance of the Vermont 50 event to establish general requirements for the orderly conduct of this bicycling event.

    All participants in this event conducted according to these rules are deemed by their participation to have voluntarily complied with the rules. Vermont 50 makes no express or implied warranty as to safety or guarantee against damage, loss, harm, injury or death to participants, spectators or other as a result of publication of or compliance with these rules.

    Violating any rule will be grounds for disqualification. Race management reserves the right to bar any participant from competing in this or any future Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra-run races. The Vermont 50 is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bags or belongings. Arrangements must be made in advance for the return of any bags participants are unable to retrieve by 6:30 PM on Sunday.

  • Course Markers There are a lot of markers out on the trail of all colors for other events. Follow the official VT50 course markers. They are fluorescent markers with black arrows. Samples are in the Handbook.

    The race cut off time for everyone is 6:30 p.m. Be prepared for a chilly and foggy morning start!

    Aid station workers will make every effort to separate items containing nuts from the other food, but those with food allergies must take responsibility for checking about this practice each time they take food. If you have specific dietary needs, you will need to pack your own snack food in drop bags for Aid Stations #3, #7, and #10.

    NO Pre-Race Course Running Use this course only for this race. The property owners do not want it used at other times. If you get lost (but you won’t) you must go back on your own to the spot you went off course without assistance (e.g. car rides, etc) and then continue.

    Leave No Trace We have been in danger of losing this race because of complaints by property owners about the amount of trash left on some trails. Please carry your trash to the next aid station, or drop it just after a station. Please be very considerate of the landowner’s property. Please do not litter!!

    There are leash laws in the towns you will be going through. All dogs should be restrained.

    If you didn’t get into our race, or cannot race with us and would still like to be involved-Please Volunteer with us!