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Vermont 50-50 Mile Women’s 2-person Mountain Bike Relay

We want to encourage more women to compete, like these amazing women.vermont-50-mountain-bike-race-information


Registration Opens May 25 at 7 p.m. ET.
Registration Closes Sept. 6 (or when race sells out)
Race Day-
Last Sunday in September
Plaque/Wristband Pick-up-Last Saturday in September

NOTE: This race DOES NOT allow E-Bikes.

Race Location:
 Ascutney Outdoors at Ascutney Mountain
Race Day Start Sunday 6:20 a.m.
(Mandatory race Meeting at 5:30 a.m)

Age of Participants: Mountain Bikers race age is as of 12/31 of race year.

Fee Includes: Breakfast Munchies, aid station food, Post Race Dinner, t-shirt/hat and festivities, and a few more surprises.

VT50 Info.
Aid Station Info.
Crew Info.
Drop Bags
Course Description
Course Markers
Relay Team Members-ONLY one member may be ON COURSE at a time or your team will be DISQUALIFIED.
  • Rider One: 32 Miles from Start to Greenalls

The first rider will ride 32 miles of the course to the Greenall’s Aid Station
At Greenall’s the riders will have to transfer the bike plaque or chipped ankle bracelet to the second rider’s bike. The first rider will then return to the Start/Finish area by road, an approximate distance of 5.1 miles or get a ride from their registered Crew Vehicle that is displaying a parking permit.

  • Rider Two: 18 Miles from Greenall’s to Finish

The second rider will be waiting, after coming to the Greenall’s Station by road from the Start/Finish area or by getting a ride from their registered Crew Vehicle that is displaying a parking permit.
The second rider will depart Greenall’s to complete the last 18 miles of the course to the Finish.

Both riders may bike the roads between Greenall’s and the Start/Finish (BUT NOT THE RACE COURSE) or get a ride from their crew member displaying a Crew Parking Permit.