Thanks once again Mike, to you and all the volunteers out there on the course yesterday and in the days leading up. Definitely a memorable VT50—I kind of felt sorry for all those bikers out there finishing in 4 to 6 hours—they didn’t have a chance to fully appreciate all the heat had to offer.

Thanks again,


First and foremost,  thank you for the amazing job that you and your crew do in putting together the race weekend. The venue, the volunteers and even the racers are consistently top tier. The group that I was with participated in the 50k run, the 50 mile bike and the 50 mile relay. All of us had a great time despite the heat and challenging conditions.


Firstly, thanks so much for another spectacular VT50 – incredibly well done.  Friendly riders/runners, extremely supportive aid station volunteers, and absolute seamless execution on your part.  Every year I host a large crew of participants and it really is the highlight of our year.  Again, thank you very much.


I was one of those that finished the 50K and then ended up in the Medic tent.  I want to thank you and especially all your staff and volunteers for their professionalism and their wonderful positive attitude.  They took care of me and eventually persuaded me to let the Ambulance come get me and take me to the hospital. They were right, even though I didn’t want to admit it.  It took 4 liters of fluid to get me up and moving again.  Thanks again for just an incredible venue.  There is a reason I keep coming back. Thanks to you Mike and all your volunteers.  Much, Much Appreciated! 


The support was excellent and I do not think any of us could have done it without that excellent support.  Thanks for everything.


Thank you so much.  I had the funnest VT50 ever, thanks to your trail selections and a conscious effort on my part to take it easy. Since 2006 I have only not cramped twice.  Yesterday I did not.  The fabulous volunteers with tons of fruits, soups and pickles (more please!) treated everyone like family. This VT50 I’ll remember forever, and also remember thoughts of you and your Mom, and Lou.



The VT 50 was awesome this year! Thanks for the additional kids events! My daughter didn’t do the bike ride this year, but she wants to next year. She did the fun run and had a great experience. This was my 4th year in a row and 6th overall. A super big thank you to the land owners who support the race. This year they really went the extra distance to help runners with free water and other things. Much appreciated!!! Please pass along my thanks to them. The volunteers were better than ever! Wow!!! What an amazing crew you had working this year! And the aid stations were amazing! Great job!!!


Just a quick note to say thanks. I thought racing the 50 was a life affirming experience. Volunteering was that experience times 10. I’m very proud of my 10 race t-shirts….. even more proud of this one though- Volunteer T shirt


PS Wendy at Skunk was awesome to work with…. Chris, who allowed us to help sweep part of the course, was equally great…. 

You and the volunteers who ran yesterday’s event were absolutely spectacular! I can only imagine the planning, coordination and time that went into organizing such a fantastic race. Thank you for all your work, smiles, and energy despite the long hours and high temperatures. I don’t know all the names of the volunteers, but special thanks to the two icemen at the finish line, who just kept smiling graciously, even after my 99th request for more ice cubes. What a fantastic, wonderful, amazing day. It made me so happy to live in Brownsville among so many kind people.



Thank you for a great event!! Yesterday was absolute carnage. BUT, the aid stations were still amazing. The only things that saved me were the salt and all of the hoses/ cold water sponges. Brilliant and amazing that those stations and workers were willing to stay out there in the heat and hose us down! I think we should make commemorative shirts “I survived the Vermont 50 of 2017”. My husband Tim ran the 50 mile… an hour slower than normal and I ran the 50K about 25 mins slower than normal. We didn’t even care, it was definitely a game of survival.  Thanks again for a great event and great organization!! We will definitely be back! Although if it’s ever that hot again I can pretty confidently say I (we) wouldn’t even start. There were times I thought for sure I would collapse of heat stroke.

Tara & Tim

Thank you for another FANTASTIC race!  Love the family-friendly atmosphere, the volunteers, all of it. The ice cream was a huge treat.

Take care,


  • “I’d like to thank you, the volunteers and the landowners for your generosity, a generosity which enabled me to have a truly unique experience of Vermont. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to most value the spirit of the events I attend and you’ve done an excellent job of bringing Vermont Adaptive into the spirit of this event. “

    All the best,

    “Once again, THANKS so much to you and all your team for an amazing event, as you mentioned the course this year was perfect. The energy that V50 has is just incredible; I haven’t been on a race that makes me feel in that way.”

    Hope to see you next year.


    “Quick note of thanks for a fantastic run on Sunday. Not as fast as I’d hoped but there’s room to improve. Beautiful and challenging course. HUGE thanks to you and the volunteers! The aid stations were well supplied and the folks were very kind. “

    ~Ashley D


    “This was my 3rd VT 50 and I want to thank you guys for hosting and running such a great event.  I can’t imagine not being part of this race on some level or another. Best wishes to you all and I hope you’re all proud of what you’ve created. “

    ~Bob B


    “Thanks for a great race and a great weekend.  My 3rd race – first time bringing my family.  Kids, 9 and 7 had a great time in the mile bike race and on the pump track.”

    All my best,
    ~Mark K

    “This was my second year in a row doing the race. I loved it – you run a great race and a great race weekend. Thanks for all you and your team do. The race is just so well done – from the excellent course marking, the awesome aid stations, even the signs on the last three miles. The volunteers are simply the best too.”

    ~ Scott B

    “Thank you so much for a great event! This is the first long race that I have said immediately after that I would do again (this was my first Vermont 50 event). I also (to my surprise) loved having the mountain bikers out there while we were running. The amount of respect between both disciplines on course was amazing and it really enhanced the whole experience. I actually think having the bikers out there pushed my running because I knew I could smoke them all on the uphills! 😉 But also, they didn’t hesitate to tell me how strong I was looking, how fast I was..etc. etc. The encouragement and friendliness from the bikers was amazing and something I didn’t think they would have a reputation for. Before doing this race I was a little hesitant to race among bikers, but knowing how well both races coexist in this race is something that really adds to the whole experience, and something that I hope you continue to foster and make note of!

    My speedy husband who did the 50 mile caught me in the last mile of the 50K (my goal was to beat him in!)! I was so mad that he caught me haha so I dropped the hammer on him to the finish line (my last mile was a ridiculous 8:00min pace..maybe I should have raced harder), and then we finished holding hands. Cheesy, I know. But another reason why this event was just awesome! Perfect timing on starts, GREAT aid stations, and amazing course. Please keep the salted potatoes at the aid stations for next year. Those were a godsend. 😉
    Thanks SO much and see you next year!”

    ~ Tara W

    “My name is DM and I’m a 2015 Vermont finisher, I’m originally from Costa Rica and have been in New England for 14 years.

    This was my first VT50 and all I can say is thank you, this was one of the best races I’ve ever done in my life, the volunteers amazing, the organization was unreal and you guys do an amazing job. The demarcation was really good, the trails very clean, the stops were one of my favorite things out of all the race, plenty of food and variety and most important how nice the people from Vermont are even the cops along the course were really nice.
    One of the most amazing things I saw was on my way out to the parking lot, I bumped into this guy wearing a Costa Rican shirt, so I had to stop and say hi and ask about his shirt, now I know he is a legend in my country, an athlete and a really nice guy that has been living in Costa Rica for over 40 years, he said he’s a friend of you and were at the race helping, now I feel even more special with this great surprise.

    If you ask me if there’s anything that needs to be change on this race, the answer is NO just keep doing it every year and I will try to assist. I hope you are having plenty of rest now and looking forward to more Vermont 50’s.

    ~ Darvin M

    “I came to my first VT50 last weekend with the folks from Cannondale (Cycling Sports Group). This is the first time i have ever done a MTB event. I have competed in Triathlons for over 20 years and completed many running races. I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team and the volunteers. They all did an awesome job. The crews at the aid stations were awesome and the food selection was amazing. It made it easier to keep on going. This is by far the hardest thing that I have ever done on a bike. That includes the 5 IronMans that I have competed. I may even consider doing it again next year but I will definitely tell my friends about what a great weekend it is.”

    ~ Tim I

    “I don’t have another ultra to compare the Vermont 50 to but it became pretty obvious to me why so many of the people I met on Sunday keep coming back to your race. Sunday was my first 50K and it was also simply one of the most fun days I’ve spent running in months. I ran nine marathons on both road and trail before I decided to give the 50K a shot and I felt like I was participating in a different sport. From your leadership to the quality of the course and especially the helpful volunteers behind the race’s success, everything came together exactly the way I needed it to. All I had to do was focus on covering the distance. Even the food was incredible. The mountain bikers added an extra challenge but I never found myself in a spot where I thought someone was being a jerk about it. I cleared the way for them and stayed out of trouble. I learned a lot my first time out. My goal is the 50 miler next fall.”

    ~ Dave, Brooklyn, NY

    “I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for helping me out. My wife and 2 sons came up this year for the race, and we had an incredible time. One of my sons ran the kids race and had a blast. Looking forward to next year!”

    ~ Scott M

    “I can tell you that I was absolutely thrilled about the weather!  I trained all summer when the temperature at 5:30 am was 80 degrees & the heat index was 85 degrees.  When I found out the highest the temperature  was going to get to was 80 with NO humidity, it was perfect.  I’ll admit the hills were extremely challenging. By the last 20 miles, those hills had turned into mountains for me! Our highest “hill” is 70 feet!  I had to dig deep to make the cut-offs, but I made it with 6 whole minutes to spare!

    This was the best marked race that I’ve ever run.  I heard other first timers to your race saying the same thing.  The volunteers at all of the aid stations were so very helpful and cheerful.  It was hard for me to feel exhausted when I arrived at each station; their enthusiasm was infectious.   You picked beautiful roads and trails to run on.  The leaves had changed and I was saying to anyone who was by me how gorgeous they were.  Of course I got a lot of funny looks til I said that I was from Florida, then  I wasn’t looked at like I was crazy!

    All in all, the VT 50 is an ultra that I would highly recommend.  The course, the people, and the high degree of organization make it a must do race.  I would love to come back next year!

    Sorry, but I don’t have a picture from the race.  You put on a heck of a race!!”

    ~ Marla