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Vermont 50 Pacer Information
No Pacers for 2022.


Prepare for being a Vermont 50 Pacer

We do not encourage pacers out on the course because the trail is very narrow and we want the participants to have as much room as possible to enjoy the course. But if you feel it is necessary, you may have one for about the last 10 miles.

Pacer Bibs 

You must Check In on Saturday or Sunday morning before boarding the Shuttle to Aid Station #9 Stones. You be given a PACER BIB. Please know your runner’s bib number.

Pacer Waiver Form

All pacers must sign a race waiver/release form. You can print one out and bring it to bib pick up or you can sign one at bib pick up on Saturday or in the pacer van on Sunday.

Pacer Parking 

You must park at the Race Start/Finish parking Area. Parking is at the Ascutney Mountain Base Lodge, one way in/one way out road. Please follow the signs to designated parking areas and please DO NOT park where it says DO NOT PARK.

Runners-Meeting Up With Your Pacer 

Meet Your Pacer at Aid Station #9 Stones. 
Runners are allowed to have pacers from Aid Station #9 Stones (mile 42) to the Finish.

Pacers will be shuttled to Aid Station #9 Stones.

The shuttle van leaves the BIG TENT about every 45 minutes. The shuttle runs from about 9 a.m. to about 4 p.m.. There will be a White Board listing the approximate departure and return times outside the Big Tent.

Runners you should have your Pacers get to Aid Station #9 Stones about 1-1.5 hours before you THINK you will be running through.

Course Markers 

There are a lot of markers out on the trail of all colors for other events. Follow the official VT50 course markers. They are fluorescent markers with black arrows. Samples are in the Handbook.

The race cut off time for everyone is 6:30 p.m. Be prepared for a chilly and foggy morning start!

Aid station workers will make every effort to separate items containing nuts from the other food, but those with food allergies must take responsibility for checking about this practice each time they take food. If you have specific dietary needs, you will need to pack your own snack food in drop bags for Aid Stations #3, #7, and #10.

NO Pre-Race Course Running Use this course only for this race. The property owners do not want it used at other times. If you get lost (but you won’t) you must go back on your own to the spot you went off course without assistance (e.g. car rides, etc) and then continue.

Leave No Trace We have been in danger of losing this race because of complaints by property owners about the amount of trash left on some trails. Please carry your trash to the next aid station, or drop it just after a station. Please be very considerate of the landowner’s property. Please do not litter!!

There are leash laws in the towns you will be going through. All dogs should be restrained.

If you didn’t get into our race, or cannot race with us and would still like to be involved-Please Volunteer with us!