VT50 2021 Bib Lists and Wave Lists Are Posted

The 28th Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra Run Bib Lists and Race Waves have been posted.

Mountain Bike Plaques and Race Waves List Waves 1-4
50 Mile Runner Bib List Wave 5
50Km Runner Bib List Wave 6

Now is the time to PACK YOUR Drop Bags and begin planning your race strategy with your CREW MEMBER.

Bring them to the DROP BAG Table on Race Weekend Saturday to be weighed and put on our delivery trucks-BEFORE 7 PM.

If you have clothing you plan to drop at the Start, Skunk’s Greenall’s or Johnson’s ,and your crew isn’t picking these items up for you, LABEL them with your Bib # and Last Name so you can pick them up at the finish line but only AFTER the aid station is CLOSED and the VT50 Volunteers bring your items BACK to the Finish Area from out on Course.

Our race is FOUR WEEKS AWAY!
We hope your training is going well and we look forward to seeing you at the end of the month.